5 Insights from Analyzing HR Best Practices in 2021

5 Insights from Analyzing HR Best Practices in 2021 Human capital has been one of the prime resources of a company. HR decisions are based on quality and not quantity, psychology rather than statistics. Thanks to advancements in the field of business intelligence, things are evolving.   Business Intelligence uses data […]

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BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Application in Insurance Industry

BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE: Application in Insurance Industry The business world is rapidly discovering the power and potential of big data. Today’s businesses have unprecedented access to data. Business performance, Market trends & Customer profile etc. help develop products and service offerings.     Data or Big data is categorized in two ways. […]

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Reshaping the CPG Industry with AI

Covid-19 has made people realise the importance of hygiene and a healthy lifestyle. With increasing stress on hygiene, the sale of packaged goods has undergone a steep rise. Proper packaging ensures that the goods remain untouched and safe from the virus. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is on the verge, with AI at […]

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How does Artificial Intelligence help in Banking Industry

Banking Industry

Everyone knows the importance of economic stability for a country. The Banking System is primarily responsible for making a country financially stable. Banking is the bloodline that runs through the nerves of a country. They deal with extremely sensitive financial information which cannot be compromised at any cost. This, at times, restrains banks from adopting AI – to its fullest […]

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