About Us

Babel is a Singapore-headquartered company which specializes in helping organizations boost their Stakeholder Engagements, Sales & Performance across their digital, as well as physical channels. Babel leverages the latest cutting-edge technologies (AI, Machine/Deep Learning, Data Engineering etc.) to provide diverse industries with the power of real-time data-driven Decision Making.
About Us - Babel's Office

Our Expertise

Data Solutions Partners who provide:

Personalized Stakeholder experience, engagement & retention

Data Modernization, Operational Efficiency & Increased Visibility for the whole organization

Real-time Analytics & Insights, across teams for better Decision-making

Our Team

About Us - Mudit Singhania

Mudit Singhania


Mudit spent the bulk of his career helping organizations streamline & scale their Operations, Customer Engagement & Product Growth processes.

In the early phases of his career, he cycled through diverse roles (Executioner, Manager, Operations Head, Problem Solver) across different types of organizations (MNCs to SMEs and, finally, start-ups). This led to an excellent understanding of the impact that sound strategy, supporting data & scalable technologies could have, across organizations & industries.

The final culmination of all this was Babel – where our mission is to ‘Help Your Data Help You’.

Feel free to reach out to Mudit directly to see how your Data + Babel might be able to help you:

Vidyut Singhania


Vidyut is a data aficionado who always liked uncovering the stories lying underneath the façade of structured/unstructured data. He began using his skills to help companies make better informed & data-driven decisions.

Our COO specializes in ideating, identifying & helping provide end-to-end solutions for real world business problems; leveraging on a range of concepts – some of which include Business Analytics, Machine Learning, NLP, Big Data Technologies and Statistical modelling.

Feel free to reach out to Vidyut directly to see how your Data + Babel might be able to help you:

Vidyut Singhania

Nomenclature of the Company

As per the mythology surrounding the legendary “Tower of Babel” – when mankind began creating a tower to reach the Gods, that was when the Gods created “Languages”. This created mass hysteria & confusion amongst all those involved in the project, since they could no longer understand each other! This resulted in the the English word ‘Babel’ being defined as ‘a scene of noisy confusion’

In the exact same manner, today’s organizations are completely confused by the language of Data – and that is what we aim to solve for them – how Organizations can cut through this wave of noise & confusion, towards the Holy Grail of improved Stakeholder Engagement along with increased Operational Efficiency & Visibility.

Story Of Our Company

Having worked across a range of industries, like Hospitality, F&B, Construction, BFSI and Retail, in early 2019, Sharad had a long and deep discussion (over a very breezy evening by the poolside) with us, the founding team -– Mudit & Vidyut – about how we all could leverage our hard-earned skills across Business Strategy, Operations & Delivery towards democratizing data for all kinds of organizations. 

Specifically, the objective was to empower firms – especially across non-tech Industries like Logistics, Manufacturing, Telecom and others. We wanted to become their way of getting advanced Data Analytics capabilities that have traditionally been restricted to the realms of select organizations like Facebook, Google, Uber, McKinsey and BCG – exactly the way the Tower of Babel was the peoples’ way of getting the Power which was then restricted to the Heavens.

Given the team’s vast experience across a range of industries, we soon realized that Data could help firms (in both spaces, B2B & B2C), by: 

Improving operational efficiency & visibility → which translate to improved SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) & reduced costs per process

Personalizing and enhancing their Stakeholder/Customer Experiences → which directly impacts and increases revenue streams.

And thus, the foundation for the Tower of Babel was set in place, and Babel Data Consultancy was formed.