He is one of your end-consumers and has only known about your organization for the last 2 hours. John wants something – only, he doesn’t know exactly what he wants.

He was hoping your platform would help him out, but it didn’t. So John is tired and is about to take his business somewhere else – someplace where he will be more personally catered to.

This could have looked a lot different with AI.

When organizations use all their resources in customer engagement, but do it WITHOUT the power of AI – it is like they’re shooting arrows in the dark and hoping to hit the intended target.

Babel Isda AI is a recommendation system which would bring you the light bulb in the form of hyper-personalized customer engagement.

First Isda AI focuses on John’s activities across multiple platforms, and predicts his ‘interest’ and ‘intent’. For this it uses John’s Recency, Frequency and Monetary data in addition to his actual motivations and AI-powered behavioural predictions.

Then it makes careful psychographic segments in your customer-base, thus helping you to understand John better…

Structure how your organization engages with him

Which products are recommended to him

What deadstock he’s most likely to buy

How to win him back the second before he’s about to leave

Isda AI can make sure you present the right people the right things at the right time and massively increase your customer retention. Contact us by filling the form below to see how Isda AI can power your organization.

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