People Management

“People are any business’ most valuable assets. Make it tough for your employees and partners to imagine working with anyone else.”

Right Hiring Decisions

Managers can spend tons of time and effort on improving employee performance, but using people analytics can ensure that the hiring process itself weeds out people who don’t fit the company’s needs and culture. Not every talented individual is right for every job.

Managing the Managers

Poor experiences with managers is the leading cause of employee attrition and employee onboarding & training is costly work. But arranging manager appraisals, timely interventions and regular peer feedback can be a challenge. Additionally, how can you ensure that your managers really understand the motivations of their team? 

Effectiveness of Performance Ratings

Performance ratings can be biased or skewed which are counterproductive. Even if they are accurate, they often come much too late and valuable productiveness is lost before the minor corrective measures are taken.

Employee Retention

Finding the right people is hard. Keeping them is even harder. Organizations need to find their key strengths and understand what perks, locational benefits, salary boosts etc. are finding them the best talent in the market. Then they must leverage these to keep the employees engaged and the performance levels high. 

Management of External Resources

People management is mostly focused internally, which is never enough. External champions like the distributors, vendors, suppliers, sales partners etc. are equally essential. Without oiling those gears in the organization’s machinery, you may fail to reach the maximum potential.