Your organization, right now, is sitting on a Tornado of Textual Data. Think about all your internal logistics documents, appraisals, employee footprints and external digital media etc. Isda NLP can Tame the Tornado for you.

Isda NLP is the one-stop solution to extract and standardize textual data. It can sieve through your data to make it more structured & usable and also save thousands of working hours in data processing.

Babel specializes in Data-Driven People Engagement, and Isda NLP is our textual poster-child to that end. Your customers and employees can be understood closely through their language and actions – which can then help you cater to them like never before. Not just that – Isda NLP also learns from digital media and informs you on the buzz in the market.

All this is done through cutting edge methods in topic modelling, context comprehension, entity recognition and aspect level opinion mining – all of which goes a lot deeper in sentiment extraction and summarization than you thought was ever possible.

When you think of words, think of Isda NLP. Schedule a demo with us today to see how NLP can help your organization.

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