A medium-sized, successful logistics company. Future is looking to go digital soon, and they realize that their data infrastructure needs to be rock-solid for them to make the huge leap into the world of big data. 

They’re right. That is where Babel Isda BI comes in.

Isda BI first creates a Data Lake for Future so that all of its internal and external data are stored in one place – making all the departments draw from a single source of truth. Now Future has very fluid cross-departmental communication.

Next, Isda BI creates a Data Warehouse – so that all the teams in Future have access to real time dashboarding. We call this “self-serve analytics”, because teams become autonomous and no longer need to wait for days at end to get the reports they asked for.

While taking care of how the data goes in and out, Isda BI also takes care of Future’s Compliance, Security and Governance – making sure the data storage follows all the regulations – everyone has the right level of access – and that obsolete data is being dealt with correctly.

Now Future has a 360 view of it’s organizational health and can spot previously unknown bottlenecks in its processes as it upscales its business. There will no longer be any discrepancies in data – and hence no confusion between departments – which manifests as a spike in Efficiency and Productivity. 

Future can make data-driven decisions in real time and can also make use of cutting edge data science techniques now that all its data is structured and in the same place. If you believe your organization is ready to upgrade to Isda BI too, schedule a demo with us at

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