Quick Service Restaurants

“Every person, regardless of age, class, culture or mood should be able to find comfort in the things you serve and the way you serve them.”

Managing Delivery Services

With high costs of third party delivery, QSRs have to debate over what the best route for them is – In-House deliveries or building partnerships with other companies. Is the increase in orders worth the big cut that goes away? Also – is it a safe call to let another establishment become the face for the end-consumer? These are key business decisions.

Trending on Social Media

Restaurants need to go to great lengths to make their restaurants “Instagrammable” and have ambience that is social media worthy. But do the margin benefits of such initiatives work in their favor?

Personalizing Sales

Today, Restaurants can take advantage of loyalty programs and order data to create customer segments in a way that can bundle the best orders together for the best sales and higher customer satisfaction. This can be tough to start on without the power of modern AI.

Price Optimization

Competition in QSRs is cut-throat and thus getting the pricing right is more important than ever. It becomes a challenge to come up with the best strategy – to Upsell products or to encourage larger order sizes etc. Whatever the strategy may be– there is always heavy risk involved.