“A business as stressful as juggling a hundred bowling balls while standing on a thin sheet of ice.”

Supply Chain Optimization

How to fit X, Y and Z in the best possible framework is a question that requires a lot of deliberation and expertise – and the stakes are beyond just high. When it comes to optimization, no detail can be too important.

Risk Assessment

Too much Just-In-Time inventory? Risk. Customer dissatisfaction? Risk. Accidental damage, potential delay or fleet maintenance? Risk. The logistics business is stressful work.

Trend and Forecasting

Understanding seasonality, cyclic changes and spikes in material availability is absolutely key. You can’t mess around with those ETAs(Estimated Time of Arrival). Business & particularly Production cannot be made to wait.

Inventory Control and Visibility

If you’re to play the puppeteer, the planner, you need to have a 360 degree view of incoming raw materials, production scheduling, finished goods, inventory & dispatches. You need to know where everything is or when something is falling short.

Real-time Consolidated Data View

With set-ups so intricate and elaborate, everyone needs to be on the same page at all times. Any and all misunderstandings are costly.