Consumer Packaged Goods

“Your Brand has the potential to become synonymous with the product itself.”

Identify the right price and discount point - Price Optimization

Cookie-cutter sales don’t work in every case. For CPGs, you need to understand the customer well enough to make the perfect pitch – the one that makes the product irresistible and encourages customers to keep coming back to the brand.

Adapting to new and viral customer trends

Customers’ needs and wants change with the blink of an eye. In the CPG business, one needs to achieve mastery in customer aspirations – knowing not only what the customers want now, but also what they will want later.

Identifying ROI for the marketing strategy

Ideas are cheap – execution is expensive. There are a thousand factors that need to be considered to estimate the right Return on Investment if the brand is to start out on any given marketing strategy.

Risk Management

Gap Analysis - Understanding the market share & competitive performance

Without a top to bottom understanding of Rival Brands, no brand can carve a niche for itself in the market. What is the benchmark set for the business? How do you compare to the ideal state?