Hospitality Industry – the way forward with Artificial Intelligence!

Artificial Intelligence is the fuel of the modern era. It is by far, the most disruptive technology ever. The Hospitality Industry is one of the most dynamic industries relying on effective customer service.  


Let’s have a look at how Artificial Intelligence can impact the Hospitality Industry: 


It is imperative to preserve the environment. Advancements at the cost of nature are not welcome. You need to be cognizant of your carbon footprint.

Judicious use of natural resources is a necessity rather than a formality. AI can help in real-time monitoring of different pollutants released by the organization. AI helps in optimizing resource utilization and cost management for promoting environmental sustainability.

Higher Customer Expectations

With changing times, customer expectations have increased. They are desirous of getting pampered by their hospitality partners. Beyond a point, it becomes impossible to fulfil the expectations of each customer.

  • A handful of customer service executives cannot serve hundreds of customers. Customers’ expectations range from discounts on hotel bookings to suggestions of tourist spots. AI systems analyze the customers through their digital footprint. Thus offering customers seamless services that are customized to their expectations.  

Streamlining Processes with Mobile Technology

The advent of smartphones has revolutionized the traditional business style. People are always inclined towards comfort.

Thus, they are more active on their mobile phones than on their laptops or computers. The need for leveraging the services offered by mobile is unavoidable. Mobile phones provide functionalities like notifications and user recommendations via mobile apps. They track customer behaviour on different sites and grasp consumer tastes and preferences. AI systems are capable of handling such humanly impossible tasks. Meaningful insights are derived from the information collated. These insights help in delivering a more satisfying experience to the customers. 

Marketing and Reputation Management

The Hospitality Industry is almost wholly dependent on brand value. A good reputation in the market would attract eminent customers.

Strong marketing strategies would help in propagating the business to a larger mass. AI helps in eliminating manual errors as they are not affected by human emotions. They deal with every customer with the same politeness irrespective of whether the customer is rich or poor, courteous or rude. AI can be a significant milestone for your Marketing efforts. Customers, along with their kith and kin would get lured towards your organization. 

Guest Experience Personalization

People wish to relax and chill out at hotels. And as a smart hotelier, you ought to give them everything that they could ask for. But how do you know about the choice of strangers?

  • Would you be looking for each of your customer’s social media profiles to know how they are as a person? Nope! It is just not possible, isn’t it? Then how to serve them with the right thing? Do not worry! AI is there to derive patterns out of the online behavior of each of your customers. These insights enable your team to serve the customers with the right thing at the right time. Personalized recommendations are the need of the hour. Imagine, a Science teacher being recommended to visit a planetarium – he was unaware of. A biologist being recommended to visit a Science park. How contented would they be due to the recommendations! A perfect personalized experience guarantees the longevity of your business.  

Say Hola with a chatbot

Things transform with time. While people are running short of time, they want everything at the click of a button. No one has time to call and wait for getting their queries resolved.

      • These days, people prefer direct communication instead of grapevine communication. Chatbots make it simple to interact with customers and clarify their doubts instantaneously. The interaction data can also be used to train the AI model.  


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