More Room to Scale

When organizations grow, there is an influx of data, which shocks existing rigid systems. Scaling such legacy systems after every jolt is rather expensive. Isda BI empowers your systems infrastructure to become robust and resilient. This gives you limitless scaling capacities, thus making your company Future-Ready.

Greater Visibility of Data Lineage

Spot the bottlenecks scattered across your company operations & customer journeys; find where your data disagrees and resolve all discrepancies between multiple data sources. Your net productivity increases with each step.

Pop Internal Silos and Facilitate Cross-Departmental Communication

Silos in organizations stay detached from each other which is incredibly harmful to productivity. A Single Source of Truth would ameliorate cross-departmental communication and vastly decrease confusion, thus increasing Efficiency.

Actionable Insights in Real-Time

Equip your teams with Dashboards, Reports and Lightning-fast results with the opportunity of serving themselves – instead of waiting on IT teams for days at length.

Key Features

Ingest, Integrate & Unify with Data Lakes

With Isda BI, all the departments of an organization draw their data from a Single Source of Truth , both online and offline. We cannot stress the importance of this uniformity enough because there is no monetization of data possible unless it is standardized & structured. With Isda BI, you would also allow your Data & Analytics teams to understand Operations and Customer Behaviors far better by undertaking upscaled Data Science projects.

Data Integration and Presentation – Completed in Seconds

We, at Babel, are overwhelmed by the number of companies we’ve seen who have had major discrepancies in their data stores, which has caused their strategy and decision-making to be severely impacted. The complex in-house reporting dashboards they have in place do not help – primarily because there’s up to a two day lag between data acquisition, data processing and dashboard displays. Babel Isda BI works like magic in these cases by letting data slide into place instantly, thus making dashboards available in real-time. Not just that – in all the cases we have worked on so far, Isda BI has also been cheaper than the existing integration system.

Notice where Things aren’t Lining Up

Organizational Silos, almost by definition, make Company Operations opaque. Isda BI can unify data to grant the management greater visibility into bottlenecks & pain points. This grants you the much needed clarity, across teams, into your business’ overall health, real-time operation insights & which places your teams are getting blocked. Without a Single Source of Truth , these things are near-impossible to spot and cost your organization countless dollars through the resulting Low Efficiency.

Future-Proofing your Organization

The world of data is changing rapidly – the quality, granularity and size of the data which organizations are collecting is evolving each year. Therefore, rigid and obsolete data set-ups fail to catch a lot of valuable data – which then snowballs into inestimable opportunity costs. What’s more? Research in Data Science is moving so fast that stagnant data infrastructures can’t ever make full use of the real, Cutting-Edge techniques. Isda BI has the flexibility to transform with the data, so it makes sure that your company can handle upscales and modifications without losing any productivity. It also gives your Analytic Teams the ability to implement atop the best of the best.