Benefits & Features of AI


Re-engage Dormant Buyers

Reel back in those one-time buyers and turn them into your most loyal customers.

Maximize the Potential of your Data Streams

You already have usable data about your users flowing in through your channels, like email marketing, website traffic, search history etc. Maximize the potential of that data by using it to decide how you engage with your stake-holders.

Make AI-driven Business Decisions - Even Online to Offline

Understand the very essence of your customer base, and equip your salespeople with a goldmine of real-time insights to help them make the perfect pitch. Moreover, this data acumen won’t be limited to just the digital world.

Eliminate Dead Stock

Often organizations stock up on goods which take up excessive storage space over time and drain the company resources. With Isda AI, you can make intelligent visibility changes, thus clearing dead stock with ease and upping sales margins.

Have Greater Control Over Interactions

The biggest perk that comes with AI is the flexibility and the innate learning capacity. With this, your customers will no longer interact with rigid brick walls, but will have the attractive fluidity of ML. At the same time, you get to make helpful nudges to guide them throughout their journey.

Give your Consumers the Gift of Convenience

The number one factor in Customer Retention is “ease of use”. Isda AI would accompany your consumers throughout their journey with your Organization, because the algorithm would cater to each of them personally to bring them what they want even before they know they want it.

Key Features

Make Nuanced Customer Segments

Isda AI uses cutting-edge ML techniques to make nuanced segments in your customer base, driven not only by their demographics, but also by their behavioral patterns and psychographics (studying, for example, the Recency, Frequency and Monetary aspects of their behaviour in tandem with their predicted personality traits). This opens up the world for you to make hyper-personalized recommendations in real-time. With this you understand your users, their likes-dislikes and their expectations like never before. Do you know what the biggest pain points in your customer experience are? What may be driving certain groups of people away?

Seize Up-selling/Cross-selling Opportunities

We at Babel believe that cookie-cutter marketing messages are like shooting arrows in the dark and praying that they hit the target. So here we are, bringing you the light bulb in the form of hyper-personalized customer engagement. Customers who’ve already re-engaged your products are in the hotspot – so you can make better use of their interest by making personalized recommendations. Allow mass data and user history to help you up-sell and cross-sell your products to maximize company revenue.

Pull back the Churners with combined Interest-Intent Analysis

Babel is proud of its focus on the relationship between customers’ interests, and also their actual ‘intents’. By combining demographics collected on potential customers with psychological profiles created from behavioral research, your pitches can rise up to fit personal tastes, and come to the right group of people at the perfect time to persuade them to act. For example – you can spot a customer who was on the edge of churning and present them with a $5 coupon to reel them back into business (something we call the ‘exit intent’). Imagine what this hyper-personalized catering would do to your organization’s customer retention.

Exponentially Increase Customer Retention

Static pitches have worked in the past, but up to a certain extent – they are designed with the average person in mind. However, your customers need to feel special for them to keep coming back. It is far easier to retain good customers than it is to garner them. And Harvard Business Review explains how even a 5% increased retention of the right customers can mean a 25% to 95% increase in revenue. Allow Isda AI to boost the “stickiness” of your brand.

Cross Platform Applications

The insights Isda AI provides are not limited to email marketing or “You might also be interested in” recommendations. That is barely scraping the surface of the true possibilities of Artificial Intelligence. The customer comprehension which comes with segmentation can help your stake-holders make better decisions even offline – all in real-time. The knowledge itself is an asset, and how you want to use it has to know no limitations. All you need to know is that you care about the growth of your business. Babel’s dedicated team of Data Scientists will take it from there.

Auto-Piloted System + Results within 100-Days

Don’t worry about any complications with melding Isda AI into your system because Babel does all the grunt work for you. First things first – all the perks we speak about will begin to manifest within 100 days of you signing with us – a number that we are  exceedingly proud of. Even after that, you should think of Isda AI as an auto-piloted system, with little to no input from your end. Besides – did we mention you get complementary AMC for a full year after installation?