Insight into Employee Morale Levels

One use case of Isda NLP is as an HR companion. It can do analytical work at scale by condensing employee ratings and internal documents down to the very essence of how satisfied your employees are – leading to reduced Attrition Rates.

Messy Logistical Documents made Data-Friendly

It has never been easier to make sense of all those documents sitting on your company’s server. With Text mining, your multitude of documents can turn into easily-understood structured data which in turn helps ease operations & decision making.

Entity Disambiguation

Human Language can often be opaque & ambiguous, and is thus confusing. Use Isda NLP to easily understand which components of your organization were involved in any given context, across all your departments – far beyond only “Who said What”.

Spot Discrepancies

Isda NLP can assist in highlighting micro-details which don’t line up across your organization’s data. This in turn helps you to retrieve issues, right on the surface, before they drown and start causing problems. Clean & well-structured data can vastly increase productivity.

Gather Gossip from the World Wide Web

Isda NLP doesn’t just specialize in internal data comprehension – it can be used in all the places where you find textual data. This includes all digital media platforms and news channels, which you can use to gauge Customer Satisfaction or extract trending topics in real-time.

Key Features

Enhance People Engagement

Isda NLP can use omnipresent textual as well as behavioural data to do ‘Aspect-level opinion mining’, which gives you greater clarity into peoples’ psyche. Eg., each employee in your organization leaves behind a footprint, in the form of textual comments, signatures and login/logouts. You can associate their behaviors with specific topics & profiles, and successfully gauge how satisfied they are or what issues they are facing.

Text Mining and Condensation

Humans use full sentences to convey what machines need to understand through a single token as far as possible. Now imagine all those documents your company generates each day and how that data could be used to drive company decisions. With Isda NLP it’d be really simple. We can turn the Avalanche of Textual Data obstructing your company’s progress into a Friendly Ice-Cream Cone for all your employees. Extract relevant data from digital media & internal documents to turn them into now-usable, Structured Data.

Sentiment and Context Analysis

One of the largest use cases of Natural Language Processing is in extracting sentiment valencies from human language. We use Cutting-Edge NLP to understand:

1) How positive, negative or neutral the tones and texts of your Employees & Customers are, and

2) The context in which things were said or written (key actions and activities). Both of these then work in tandem to help drive your next best plan of action.

Internal+External Natural Language Understanding

See through the Opacity which comes with Human Language. Identify the context of what was said, and dig out relevant entities. With Isda NLP you can resolve ambiguity at scale, converting multiple mentions of the same object/person/incident into a single disambiguated data point. The same technology can be used to quickly comprehend & present how industry terminology relevant to you is being used externally (on the internet) and what the different classes of opinions are about your organization.