Top 3 ways Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing Human Resources

Artificial Intelligence Is Reinventing Human Resources

Artificial intelligence (AI) helps computers learn from acquired data and suggest necessary actions. AI may have various use case applications. Human Resources and people management is one of them. The question is, how does AI function in the field of human resources and people management. 


HR professionals must learn to adapt to the speed at which AI is growing. AI can be useful in several different spheres of human resource, a few are as follows:  

Recruitment and Onboarding

Recruitment and Onboarding

AI has streamlined recruitment processes such as pre-screening by developing user-friendly & online formats. It has become paperless, less cumbersome & automated. 

Applications can be sifted through & only resumes consisting of keywords will be short-listed. The drudgery and mundanes of administrative work is eliminated. New hires using chat-bots and remote support apps have reduced the logistical workload from on-boarding.  


While some organizations are beginning to integrate AI into their recruitment efforts, a vast majority are yet to follow suit. They believe that conventional recruitment systems are a more direct and comprehensive approach. Thus, opportunities abound to optimize processes and reap the benefits of using AI.    

Internal Mobility and Employee Retention

Internal Mobility and Employee Retention

AI can also help to boost internal mobility and employee retention. HR can gauge employee engagement and job satisfaction through a range of AI tools.

  • Given the importance of identifying workers’ general interests, this can be very helpful. AI helps analyze employee performance’s core metrics to determine who should be promoted. This drives internal mobility and reduces attrition. Thus, reducing the cost of talent acquisition through higher retention.  


  • However, this technology is not limited to linear growth; it can also predict who is most likely to quit a team. This knowledge enables HR professionals to deploy retention efforts before it’s too late. This can help reduce employee attrition & boost retention.  

Automation of Administrative Tasks

Automation of Administrative Tasks

While Administrative Tasks are essential but they are typically time-consuming to execute. These responsibilities ensure that HR Managers have little time to devote in a more impactful manner.

AI applications can relieve this pressure and simplify administrative activities. An analysis by Eightfold showed that HR professionals using AI handled administrative activities 19% more efficiently. HR practitioners can thus devote more time to strategic planning activities.  


AI will continue to positively influence HR professionals but they will need to accept change more willingly.