How is Artificial Intelligence Reshaping the Quick Service Restaurant Industry

Quick Service Restaurants

The Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Industry is blooming these days like never before. The primary reason being the adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) by such firms. Let us have a look at how AI is helping the QSR Industry.  

Managing Delivery Services

Managing Delivery Services

One can either adopt in-house deliveries or build a partnership with other service providers.

Choosing one out of the two needs careful analysis of the situation. AI systems help in analyzing the options and in optimizing the route too.  

Trending on Social Media

Trending on Social Media

In today’s scenario, effective Digital Marketing holds the key to a successful business. There are varying social media sites out there like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc.

  • Each of these has a separate digital marketing strategy. AI makes it possible to analyze different parameters viz. the number of likes a post gets, CTR (click through rate). We can demarcate posts that are trending well, faring better and doing great – through AI. Post covid customers tend to check reviews before ordering from a new restaurant. Reviews also can be ranked with the help of AI. 
Personalizing Sales

Personalizing Customer Experience

Personalization is one of the salient features of AI. Restaurants store a lot of data about each transaction & about the customer as a persona. This metadata can provide significant insights about each customer.

Based on the similarity index between several customers, they can be segmented into distinct groups. The marketing strategy can then be personalized for each segment. People have gotten busier than ever. They do not have enough time to look, from shop to shop, for things that they need. Hence, things that are suited specifically to their needs attract them. AI helps in achieving such benchmarks by helping build Recommendation Systems. This helps achieve sales quite effectively and efficiently.  

Price Optimization

Price Optimization

These are the days of cut-throat competition. Every company wishes to adopt a pricing policy that gives them maximum profit. To stand out from the crowd, you need to analyze your competitors too.

Manually it may not be feasible to evaluate the pricing policies of your competitors. AI gives you the power to compare the prices of different brands so that you can fix the price of your product. AI-enabled systems have the power of suggesting the best rates for your product.  

Lower Operating Costs

Lower Operating Costs

Since AI can handle much of the tedious workflow, the need for manual labour will reduce. Automated workflow ensures enhanced productivity and customer satisfaction.

This educated workforce can contribute more towards aspects worth their time and effort. With better time management and reduced infrastructure costs, operating costs too get optimized. 



Chatbots are the adornment of every website. The QSR industry relies on web-based interactions. Your website needs to be user-friendly to be popular among customers.

  • Chatbots help in resolving customer queries and for taking feedbacks. Chatbots make communication between restaurants and customers simple. If we look at the manual style of dealing with customers, it was error-prone and time-consuming. It is not manually possible to deal with a large number of customers at the same time. Chatbots have eliminated all such constraints. They also record all the chats, enabling necessary action to improve the service with just a few clicks.  


These are just a few milestones that the QSR Industry can achieve upon integration with AI. Connect with Babel to begin the digitization journey of your organization.